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We believe strongly in "fair trade" principles of ensuring that farmers and other, local producers receive a fair price for their goods. We try to the greatest extent possible to incorporate fair trade in Amadeus Trading Co.'s business practices by dealing directly with the farmers and curers of our vanilla beans, to make sure virtually all of the proceeds of the sales goes directly into their hands. We negotiate the price directly with them, so there are no other parties, such as abusive "middlemen," marking up the price and taking a disproportionate cut.

So we know the price is fair, because it's the price set by the local farmers themselves. We know the funds go directly to them because we wire transfer the funds directly into their local bank accounts.

Because we deal directly with the farmers and local producers, we don't need to pay additional monitoring or certification fees to outside agencies to oversee the process. Ironically, these fees themselves can often exceed the price paid to the local farmers for their raw goods. Just as importantly, avoiding this extra cost means we are able to keep our costs lower to you, the ultimate consumer.

All of the manufacturing-grade vanilla we import is sourced directly from two local, Uganda-based companies. One of our sources is a co-op of vanilla farmers who finance their own collecting and curing. Our other source is a family-owned company that grows their own vanilla and also works with neighboring farmers/curers to market their vanilla beans for international sale. [You can see pictures of my very first buying trip to Uganda in our Photo Gallery by clicking on this link: http://www.amadeusvanillabeans.com/gallery.asp ]

All our certified organic, pure vanilla extracts are made in our own L.A.-based manufacturing plant from this directly-imported Uganda vanilla and is of the highest, premium-quality.

If you have any questions about the importation of our vanilla beans, the manufacturing of our pure vanilla extracts or adherence to fair trade standards, please feel free to contact us at our office, or e-mail our president directly at: glenn@amadeustrading.com.

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